Friday, 29 June 2007

Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

Hello everybody i am Georgia Green. Iam fourteen and i go to churston ferres grammar school. I ernjoy it here very much. I have lots of friends. Such as Danniella, Jessica, Terri-louise, Hannah, Frances, Shona, Ellie, Hollie, Umm... Maybe Becky. Naa Jokin LOVE YOU. This bit is abit poshh.. Agreeed.
&&&&&&&&.. i LOVE.. hollyoaks.. Shopping.. Bebo.. && like loads more but i cant remember.. Haha,.. Ooooh.. && dt.!! With the barr.. is like the best..! x
Love going out at the weekends to ermmmm .. Party..?! Well maybe not party but.. lets just say have fun.. Lmao.
CANT WAIT FOR THE SUMMMERRR... tis gonnah be the best.. quaywesttt... the beach..! && i bort these new shorts the other day & there lkush £6 primark & i rele wana wear them but i cant cos the weather is tooooo cold.. !!! :(:(:(
BUT on the news it sed that the weather is gnah be here for another THREEEEEE WEEEKS!
Loveyoualll... leave me comments. x
& i wil reply x